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Every year we give away money! How cool is that?

The Military Spouses of Newport (MSON) club is pleased to announce the 2020 spring grant award recipients. In total, $3,000 was awarded to four, local non-profit organizations. Grants are awarded to organizations that directly benefit military service members and their dependents in Rhode Island. Funds awarded support existing programs, the expansion of programs, or the creation of the new ones.

The 2020 spring winners are:

Forest Avenue Elementary: “Sail Away with Books” program replaces and replenishes

worn and well-loved books from the school’s literacy closet.

Middletown High School: Funds supported “Plan B,” an initiative honoring graduating

seniors with a plywood “M.” The wood was displayed on the football field and given to

each senior as part of their individual graduation ceremonies.

Town of Portsmouth: Surge Volleyball Club is building volleyball courts at Glen Park

for public use. Community members will be able to utilize two courts to play two-on-two.

Expected completion date is June 2020.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Community Center: Funds support critical hunger relief

efforts and wellness programs that serve individuals of all ages during this COVID

pandemic. Thirty-three percent of clients are children under the age of 18 and 25% are


One of the ways MSON (501 (c) (7)) strives to support our local community each year is by donating thousands of dollars to local non-profits. Yearly, MSoN gives $5,000 - $10,000 in community grants to non-profit organizations directly benefiting military families, with the average grant being $500 - $1000. Organizations should apply for funding for their most critical needs. MSoN support can be requested for continuing your existing projects, undertaking an expansion in your organization or creating all new programs.

Community grants are disbursed twice a year: applications must be postmarked on October 15 and April 15 to be considered. The current MSoN Community Grants Committee will consider pending, qualified applications within the disbursement period in which they are received, unless otherwise noted on your application. Organizations may apply more than once and will be considered regardless of acceptance or denial of funding from past applications. The application is linked below in the green box.

Important Points to Note: 

  • The funds MUST be used to directly benefit military families. 
  • Funds need to meet an organization’s most critical needs. This can include continuing existing support, expanding a program or starting a new program.
  • Funds will not typically be granted for fund-raising campaigns or re-granting of funds in an organization’s own name. 
  • Requests must be for an organization and not a person(s). 

All applications must also:  

  • Be clear and concise;
  • Detail the amount of military involvement;
  • Provide supportive financial documentation;

Military Spouses of Newport

ATTN: Grants

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Contact MSoN:

Military Spouses of Newport

P.O.Box 5115

Newport, RI 02841

(401) 366-4823

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