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Every year we give away money! How cool is that?

One of the ways MSON (501 (c) (7)) strives to support our local community each year is by donating thousands of dollars to local non-profits. The average grant size ranges between $500 - $1,000.  Funds are dispersed twice a year and 2020 applications must be postmarked to October 15 and April 15 to be considered. The application is linked below in the green box.

Important Points to Note: 

  • The funds MUST be used to directly benefit military families. 
  • Funds need to meet an organization’s most critical needs. This can include continuing existing support, expanding a program or starting a new program.
  • Funds will not typically be granted for fund-raising campaigns or re-granting of funds in an organization’s own name. 
  • Requests must be for an organization and not a person(s). 

All applications must also:  

  • Be clear and concise;
  • Detail the amount of military involvement;
  • Provide supportive financial documentation;
  • Be signed by the proper authority; and
  • Be typed and fully completed.

Military Spouses of Newport

ATTN: Grants

P.O. Box 5115

Newport, RI 02841

Contact MSoN:

Military Spouses of Newport

P.O.Box 5115

Newport, RI 02841

(401) 366-4823

The Ships Bell: 

Mon - Thurs: 10 AM - 2PM

Located in the War College 

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